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Chrkeller said:

Series S is likely reduced resolution and settings.  Memory bandwidth limits are a huge issues for consoles.  That is just a fact.  

The bandwidth in the two consoles' RAM is faster than their PC GPU counterparts even if you take out some 10% for CPU tasks. It's exactly what it needs to be for the hardware they have included. Yeah, my 4090 has way more bandwidth than my PS5 but it also can compute graphics 4x faster or more.

Adding more wouldn't make much difference if at all, same way a Fury X was slower than a 980 Ti despite having 50% more bandwidth. You'd just consume a lot more power and heat (because boy GDDR does consume a lot) for negligible gains.

The problem is... these aren't exactly powerful, enthusiast-class GPUs anymore, to begin with. Not to Unreal Engine 5 games.