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haxxiy said:
Xxain said:

Not only does Final Fantasy not have great legs, it also doesn't have a stellar record in regards to sequels. 13 series as an example; Each installment sold half as much as the previous. Outside of being Final Fantasy 7, I don't think anybody should have had any expectation that all installments were going to doing to do 5mill+.  Part 3 should be relatively less expensive and shorter as the there are not many locations to add and that's if they were not written out. 

If budgets cuts means less fluff and a tighter experience then I would be for it. 

That's why the decision to split the remake was strange, SE already had market experience on how sequels go.

One could argue that it's different since it's one story split in three but each act of the game has become its own self-contained thing, even ending with Sephiroth battles. A person with some passing FF7 itch might be satisfied playing only Remake or Rebirth and not bother with the others.

Some fans once thought the FF7 remake would be this emergency button for Square Enix, and maybe the company bought into that idea when greenlighting the project, but these games sell in line with the other FF titles at best.

Looking at just Remake and Rebirth; they had no choice. To develop this game in one go would mean they would still be developing the game now and after the 13 Saga and all the criticisms it had with loooong development times, I'm sure they wanted to avoid that.