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Barozi said:
Amnesia said:

I am really impressed and full of doubts now...

On the Covid and Ukraine, my account was immediately suspended if I was not sharing the same view as the US Democrat parti.

And now, the Anti-Zionist position, which I share ofcourse, is tolerated...And is actually the OG post and main animator here.

I am completely blown away. I would have bet everything I possess, that such a position here would not be tolerated at all.

Haha last time I checked you were a big Orban supporter who also happens to be the biggest Israel supporter in Europe.

Every European leader sµck the d|ck of Israel and the Zionist leaders in all these countries, Hungary can not do much with what it has, it is a 9,8 millions people country, the 2nd largest European Jewish community is in Hungary. The country has no army and no strategic lever to oppose to anyone, yet it has been in the last decade one of the most anti Zionist country by the acts. Until 2012, Hungary was the last European country to still propose direct flights to Cis-Jordany, they have paid the price in losing forever their national company. They have been the most consistent country in Europe to oppose to the Globalist project (massive immigration, LGBT propaganda), which is a project led by Zionists leaders.

So you can still accuse Orban and Trump for their words to Israel, but in the meantime, it is the Democrat gov in charge which has concretely sent 3 aircraft carriers there to allow the massacre to happen, + the support in bombs delivery.

~Banned -Ryuu96

Last edited by Ryuu96 - on 19 March 2024