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Unfortunately tools just didn't mature enough to keep development time and costs reasonable if your game's scope and graphics are very high. Top graphics (technical) in turn won't wow as much as the old days due in part to diminishing returns (and yet CGI detail remains hilariously above realtime).

I for one feel that we've reached the point where sense of scale, artstyle, and animations trump any other technical aspect. Hi-Fi Rush is a more beautiful than most AAA games out there. And FF7 Rebirth, whose graphics/resolution got shat on in Resetera and DigitalFoundry, had breathtaking environments that gave me more goosebumps than anything I can remember in recent memory. Thinking about it now, every game whose visuals gave me the chills since the PS4 launched is one that didn't get praised for its technical prowess. The Last Guardian, Bloodborne, NieR Automata, Sekiro, Tears of the Kingdoom, and now FF7 Rebirth.

Last edited by Kyuu - on 16 March 2024