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Soundwave said:
JRPGfan said:

It wasn't really a graphically wow peice though.
I say something like Alan Wake, if you wanted to use a xbox title with great graphics, could be mentioned.
Honestly dont think Starfield is in the same league (if your compairing to the avatar game).

And I agree with you, that graphics arn't at a point where theres insane benefits from chaseing the highest tier of graphics.
Does it help a game like Cyberpunk sell? without a doubt though.
Avatar looking the way it does, probably didn't cost it any sales either.... people will always want good looking games.

Starfields problems arn't its graphics, its just the story and gameplay arn't great.... decent/good at best.
So it came and went, and was forgotten.

Alan Wake is definitely one of the better looking games out there, though they "cheat" quite a bit with limited scope/environments (game is basically a forest and a small town lol) ... and it didn't even chart in the top 20 for its release month. Which kind of proves the point. 

Starfield is an example of the problem with AAA big budget development ... you spend a ton of money but a few things are off and the game is likely a disaster for Microsoft at this point money wise. $400 million+ budget probably needed 12-15 million in sales, they really were probably anticipating 20+ million in sales. I don't think they're even close to that, no wonder a PS5/Switch 2 ports are heavily rumored. 

Avatar I don't think is going to sell enough to cover its budget or maybe just barely. It debuted at a luke warm no.6 on Circana charts and then was never seen again. 

The funny thing is if you look at Circana/NPD's player engagement charts (what gamers are actually playing the most), several other interesting trends stand out:

For people dumb founded as to why developers like GAAS, the proof is right there, look at what kids are freaking playing the most. ROBLOX is another one that doesn't get talked about, but way more people would rather play this:

Than this:

It's not even close either, lol, Roblox is way, way, way, way, more popular with the up and coming generation of gamers. And Roblox looks so bad it makes some of the LEGO games look great, lulz. 

I rather play neither one.

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