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Soundwave said:
RedKingXIII said:

Control was also "cheap" and was made with a $30 million budget. The insane thing is Spiderman Remastered had a budget of $39m according to the Insomniac leak. A freaking remaster. It cost more to make than a brand new game.

Control is also a game that largely takes place in a very confined environment (an office tower) and can be beaten in 5-7 hours so it doesn't have the scope/scale of Spider-Man. Also Remedy being based in Finland probably helps them, not too many game studios in Finland, so if you have some artistic talent and don't want to move to a different country, working for them is probably your best bet even if the salary may not be as high. Whereas if you're a game designer/artist whatever in the UK, USA, France, Japan, etc. you will have multiple big studios bidding for your talent, so they have to pay you well to keep you or you can just walk elsewhere. 

A remaster of a existing game where the main things they added are ray tracing and a new Peter model should cost less than making a new game.

It also should be a smaller project than Control, even though it is game with a small scope made in Finland.

But no, instead... it's a $39m game. They didn't even remade anything from the ground up. It's a simple remaster.