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Chazore said:
curl-6 said:

Pretty much. 

Making money is never enough for these corporate vampires, they want to make ALL the money. No matter how well they do, it's never enough. Their greed is a bottomless pit, and they'd throw their own mother into it for just a shot at that ongoing Fortnite money.

Never mind that GaaS games have been failing left right and centre in recent times as people tire of games trying to be like a second job and monopolize their time and money.

It really doesn't help that gaming as a whole has largely been shifting from making fun games just for the customer, based on what he like/clamour for, straight to "line must go up" shareholders and CEO's looking to pocket enough money for those sweet golden parachutes and retirement pensions.

AAA gaming these days feels largely like it's based around the CEO's and shareholders, not the gamers and devs aspirations. 

People can be all "GAAS can be good when done right", but GAAS at it's core is designed largely to be a benefit to the company, not to us, because when it is time to pull the plug, all our monetary value goes down the kitchen sink, whilst theirs remains in their pockets. I would much rather have a complete game with no online requirement, that I only have to pay for once, and retain that value throughout my lifetime, VS a game that is always online, wants more money from me and then pulls the plug when it feels like it.

Its also why game studios not beholden to shareholders profit margins, that instead make passion projects, turn out so great.

Look at a game like BG3.
That would never had happend, if larian studios was owned by others and beholden to share holders.

Not every game can be a new fortnite.... and the world doesn't need too many fortnite clones, theres just not room for them all to be successfull.
Too many people caseing the coin, will just end up failing because of it.

Leadership that accept gambling, for that 1 mega hit, accepting alot of these GaaS games will fail along the way of landing that mega hit.... Do so at the cost of their brand. People notice these things. If they keep turning out crap, by the time they find a good "idea" for a game, that could be a hit, no one will want to jump in.  Its that "fool me once" type of thing, people will only want to get burnt so many times before they turn on the idea of it.

To some degree I think its a FoTM thing. Higher ups see it as a magically new way of makeing games, when in truth it comes with its own flaws.

Not to mention how often GaaS type games, launch broken, missing content ect.
And the reply is "dont worry, it ll be fixed down the line", when often its just not..... games come and go and die, before they ever reach that point.

This is worse than the lootbox mess games were infested with like 10 years ago.