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SvennoJ said:
JRPGfan said:

one thing that sets me apart from the others that replied in this thread, is that they often say they want short experiances.
I prefer longer ones, I want to fall in love with the world/characters and story and I want it to have time to foldout without it feeling rushed at all.
As long as you can easily save your game, and pick it up again when theres time, its length is of no issue.
Some games, like "I am Setsuna" I remember thinking, "this is too easy" "thats it? its over already?".  (I think I beat it in like 16hours or less)
It felt too short, after trying to learn the systems of the game ect, it was kinda dissapoint tbh.

I'm also a huge sucker for Path of Exile (a hack-n-slash looter). I like system depth in games, and this game just has it right for a hack-n-slash.
I've been playing it for years at this point, and can highly recammend. The story and systems have slight changes from season to season, and starting over with a new build is always good fun. Figouring out how to min-max and push limits is great in it.

About the length thingy..... I very much also prefer books, to be long running series.
I know if its continued onwards, for multiple books, there has to be a group of people that enjoy it enough to keep going at it.
(Basically bad sh*t doesn't last, so once a series has x amount of books in it, its a safe bet, its atleast decent)

I also read alot of light-novels, that sometimes have like 6000+ chapters and have run sometimes 10-20 years and the like.

Long staying experiences are great, as long as like you said, you can save anywhere and 'consume' the game in small amounts. Added up I spend 300 hours on TotK, but often not more than an hour at a time.

Games that have lots of complicated systems are not suited to this. I can't play 12 hour Civ campaigns over 12 days. It's not rewarding and it takes a lot of effort to keep track of and remember everything that I was doing everywhere. Long games are still great, but they must be rewarding for half hour play sessions and controls and systems need to be 'simple' enough to easily pick it up again after a week or longer.

Games where people say, it gets good after the first 10 hours, those stand little chance anymore.

I fully agree on books. Not just that longer series mean there is interest in the material, it's also great to already know the characters and world and continue building that world in your mind. Starting a new book or series can also take 100 pages to get into it. While with books, I can continue them after months of not reading and have no trouble picking the story up again.

I'm currently into Peter F. Hamilton. The Void trilogy. I read later novels first which referenced and continued on the void trilogy, which also makes it a lot easier to get into a new story. I love writers that tie all their stories together into a big universe.

Yes :)  looking up the void trilogy atm, looks intresting.