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Mar1217 said:

Yeah, as of now, the theory of  split realities due to the end of Remake seems indicative of that.

As for FF VII Trilogy being a console exclusive... Heh don't know about it. Do we have official info on such a deal in place ? 

To me it sounds so obvious that SE would want to port it whole to the Switch 2 since the public for the genre is just as there as it is on PS. 

Edit : 

Welp ... It didn't take too long to find the statement but no, the Trilogy as of now isn't confirmed as PS exclusive whole as of now. It was a reporting error.,trilogy%20a%20PlayStation%20console%20exclusive.

Nonetheless without knowing the details of any deal, it could just mean the whole thing will come later, which I personally won't mind the wait anyway.

Parts 1 and 2 still are, though, so the point stands. Having just 3 elsewhere would be worse than what happened to Mass Effect and doesn't seem worth it, so I wouldn't be surprised if these deals are getting cheaper with each game.

That being said, running those games on a console that's going to be weaker than a Series S would be... very rough. It's already almost too ambitious for a mere PS5 IMO.