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I would say 'kinda' but at the same time, not at all. I didn't use to like FPS, MW2 got me into that but at the same time it's because technology change and FPS genre got better and more accessible on consoles. I still love Tekken. I love party based RPGs, my favourite games and series of all time are things like Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Final Fantasy.

More recently, I play(ed) a lot of competitive shooters more than I ever did as a kid or even 20s/early 30s. Overwatch and then Apex. I still play a lot of varied games mind you.

However, it's also sad where in a sense I feel I'm forced to change my gaming preference as things aren't being offered to me as much as they used to. We've had 3 great FF games in the last few years, not purchased any of them as they aren't being made for me anymore and one is meant to be a remake of one of, if not my, favourite games of all time. I've been waiting for a Dragon Age Inquisition for 10 years because EA decided twice to reboot development because GaaS came in and then went out.

So, I moved on, whether I wanted to or not. Played other things.

Hmm, pie.