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xl-klaudkil said:

Storyline is fine but my gof that ubisoft style open world is getting soooo boring..

Its that the world itself look great but iam already burned out on all these rince and repeat stuff/towers.

It is basically Ubisoft lite FF game. I don't mind it because I do like the ubisoft games but when I started playing I kind of laughed at how ubisoft gets criticized for this while FF is like GOTY contender.

I do enjoy that it has more of a purpose though which is key to having so much exploring. In AC games it doesn't matter because they aren't hard. This game is at least tough enough to warrant the extra work. I can imagine hard will really make it worth it as well. It was the same in Elden Ring as well. Very Ubisoft but with the added benefit that doing the extra stuff was worth it cause the items were very useful in beating the game (most of them anyways).