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XtremeBG said:

I ask the same. The Sony, and for that matter Microsoft, from the PS2/PS3 and OG XBOX and especially 360 days were the peak. Both of them. Now not only Microsoft is trowing the towel, but It feels like Sony is doing the same.

It's frustrating to see so many studios doing seemingly nothing, even accounting for longer development times.

Compare Naughty Dog and FromSoft, for instance: a similar number of employees, quality output, comparably high sales, but within 4 years of Sekiro, From released 2 AAA titles including a 100h+ open-world game and should release a massive expansion for it in a few months.

It has been almost the same time since TLOU2 and Naughty Dog have done... remasters. With no hint in sight of their next project. Same goes for Bluepoint, Nixxes, Sucker Punch, etc.

(Say OD and DS2 both release in 2025, that's three titles in six years. Imagine most of these devs being way slower than goddamn Kojima).