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Sticking with 100-120m for now. PS5 has been doing exceptionally well in North America due to taking even more market share away from Xbox this generation. It has also managed to keep pace with its predecessor in Japan as well, but the weakness of the European market, especially given the economic downturn and increased competition there, will likely ensure that sales remain slightly behind that of the PS4 for the foreseeable future.

Predictions of a longer generation also seem to be overstated given today's statement by Sony that the PS5 is the the latter half of its lifecycle, not to mention the inability to cut prices and thus prolong sales of the console. The lack of many exclusives in the pipeline also seems to be a recurring issue, to the extent that Sony is projecting a decline in sales for this coming FY (which would imply sales potentially under the PS4's 19m and a peak sales year of 2023). Overall, I believe it will probably do about 40m in NA, 10m in JP, 35-40m in EUR, and 20m elsewhere for ~105-110m 

Last edited by CheddarPlease - on 14 February 2024