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Its a fantastic time for japanese Fans and JRPG-Gamer :) Many strong, japanese Games are coming, currently!!

In addition to "Death Stranding 2", there was news that Kojima Productions will be developing a new stealth action game for PS5 - in collaboration with Sony. With “Shallah,” the “FFXV” director and his team announced one of the upcoming titles. In the official announcement, JP Games points out that with “Shallah” we can look forward to a modern role-playing game in which the authors and developers are consciously aimed at an adult audience. The rumor says, its exclusive for PS5.

And now: Here some new japanese games in the first 2024-quarter for PlayStation 5: Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 - February

Rise of the Ronin - March 22

Persona 3 Reload - now

Granblue Fantasy relink - now

Yakuza 8, Stellar Blade(was inspired by Nier Automata), Tekken 8, Dragon Dogma 2, SH2R, Metaphor: ReFantazio,

indies, jrpgs-strategys like "Unicorn Overlord" and more.

In future too. I wish I had more time ^^ Many good games with awesome ratings have already been released and it continues every month. By the way, there could be a "Ghost of Tsushima 2" announcement this year =)

Which game of the ones mentioned are you particularly looking forward to?

Last edited by KazumaKiryu - on 02 March 2024