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I was able to get into the open beta early due to being a supporter and started a skirmish to check out how the game plays.

First thing I noticed that is an absolute godsend in RTS games, is a quick menu! Instead of selecting a worker to build something or selecting your home base to build a worker, you use Q to access all available buildings to build and the game auto picks the nearest worker to start building. W to access all trainable basic units such as workers, scouts, light infantry. E to access all trainable advanced units such as the Vulcan and heavy military. R to access all basic upgrades. And T to access all advanced upgrades.

Idk how this hasn't been used in previous RTS games, but being able to quickly access literally everything with a simple key instead of clicking around all over your base access something is really a game changer.

Oh and houses to increase your population are actually useful! Each house you build, you get to pick an upgrade to either attach it to another building to build units 25% faster or reinforce another building another 200HP for 20 seconds. Pretty good in emergency scenarios.

Looking forward to checking out more of the beta this weekend and all of next week!