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JRPGfan said:
BonfiresDown said:

I think a significant number of people were picking up a Series X because they couldn’t find a PS5. Since that was no longer the case last year, there was a shift away from Xbox. But it’s a one time thing so we shouldn’t see that kind of drop this year again (at least not for that reason). I also think they have a solid lineup that can push sales, primarily with Indy but also Hellblade.

The flip side would be if many Xbox games get PS5 versions announced or if the speculation pushes people toward PS5. That could absolutely do damage to Xbox hardware.


Sea of Thieves
Halo Infinite
Master Chief Collection
Hi-Fi Rush
Gears of War Collection

Are heading for Playstation 5. You think this will have a effect on xbox sales?

Of wow. I had only heard about Sea of Thieves, Hi-Fi Rush and maybe Flight Sim. Are the other rumors credible? Well, if that’s true I’d say it’s the beginning of the end for Xbox hardware.