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Shtinamin_ said:
XtremeBG said:

Having 2023 weekly sales in mind, I think it's mostly keeping it's (now) normal pace of 40-50k weekly.

I personally think this year will be the peak year for PS5 sales in Japan, reaching maybe something close to 3M.

That makes more sense. But I do expect the boost in PS5 sales in Feb due to FFVII R.

Comparing Jan 2024 to Jan 2023:
Switch -23.3% decline
PS5 -1.5% decline
Xbox Series +178.5% increase

If this trend is to continue
Switch 3.03M
PS5 2.50M
Xbox Series 252k.

People were waiting for the january sales of PS5 to see if the demand of the slim had been met and a big drop would come or if it would sustain a 50k/week I would say we are on a nice start so far. And switch with less than 25% drop is just fantastic.

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