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The Fury said:
Goatseye said:

The front runners are Morocco and Senegal for sure. Then you have little teams in name that are playing compact and cohesive throughout their sectors, which is messing up the chances of teams that play for their stars.

Underdogs are Cabo Verde, Mauritânia, Angola and DRC. Senegal and Morocco will be challenged to the limit.

I've been keeping up, I always watch Ghana, as have loved their style of play for years but they lacked here.

But yeah Senegal for the win in this for me, we will see.

My weekend was paying attention to Maidstone though, beating Premier League contenders from 97 places difference. Love it.

Man, English cup is the saving grace of soccer in those parts.
I can't get excited for EPL. It's the same old Man City vs Liverpool of late.
Arsenal are serial bottlers and ManU are...yuck!