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zorg1000 said:

“Again, I understand cognitive dissonance is a difficult thing to grapple with. It’s okay to change your views.”

Maybe follow your own advice? Your argument is both sides are the same, I provided examples of how that’s not true and then you turn around and tell me I’m biased and double down on your existing views.

Again, one side is actively trying to strip away access to healthcare while the other side is taking steps (even if incremental) to increase access to healthcare. This is by definition not a “both sides are the same” scenario.

eh. I will confess, I am getting a little aggressive lmao. However, my resistance to your claim shouldn’t be seen as resistance to cognitive dissonance: this is something I’ve admittedly failed to keep in mind for your side of the argument. That being said, I would appreciate if you at least take the time to consider the points I’ve laid out. You provided examples, and I’ve shared my thoughts on these examples. Ultimately, I do not disagree that one side is trying to strip away your rights at an accelerated pace whereas the other is doing so in a much more “cloaked” manner. One is saying “it’s good that we’re stripping away your rights(!)” whereas the other is saying “we care about your rights(!) *does nothing and progresses in the direction of stripping your rights slowly throughout every bill they pass*”. At the end of the day, yes, I agree the parties are different in this regard…however, when it comes to substantive change in the right direction, they are the same: this is a point I believe we agree on. More specifically, neither side is looking to implement universal healthcare, neither side is looking to end all of our forever wars and remain in our own spheres, neither side truly cares about addressing the mounting challenges facing the working class, neither side truly cares about doing anything for the American people nor the people of this world.

What’s my rationale for not wanting to vote Biden then? The way I see it is as follows: A vote for Biden is a vote to continue the genocide in Gaza, a vote for Biden is an endorsement of the continual expansion of oil drilling and carbon emissions (with some incremental measures — which literally amount to nothing — sprinkled in there), a vote for Biden is a certification that no fresh new face with potentially less harmful practices will emerge four years from now. And if I were to cast my vote, it would be for Cornell West…but he’s not going to win, nor will he hit that 5% threshold. So I see no reason in voting. If you can explain how Biden has truly passed bills *which are substantive* and how Biden’s net outcome has truly been in the direction of what he has promised, then maybe I’ll consider. But at the end of the day, I see it as a two-horse-race toward the same goal, though with one pushing at a slightly faster pace.

I’m a believer in good faith argument, so I’ll refrain further from attacks. I am very sorry about earlier. That was entirely my bad. and I can only that hope a good faith political discussion can still be had.