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zorg1000 said:
LudicrousSpeed said:

Two slimeballs who are as sleazy as politicians come and they’re also old as fuck and both showing signs of mental deficiency. Hooray for America.

By the way, under the crime section, for Trump you need to add that he is going to try to make it so presidents have immunity while in office, so that all of his crimes are forgiven.

There is absolutely legitimate things to criticize Biden about but it’s completely dishonest to depict him and Trump as nearly the same.

Trump’s biggest “accomplishments” were a tax cut where most of the benefits went to the wealthy & appointing Supreme Court Justices that led to the overturning of Roe v Wade. He downplayed the seriousness of Covid at every opportunity, hurt relations with just about the entire world (pulled us out of Trans Pacific Partnership, Paris Agreement, Iran Nuclear deal, UNESCO/UHHRC/WHO, etc.), tried to “repeal and replace” the ACA and to this day has not detailed what he will replace it with, cozied up to dictators (Putin, Kim Jong Un, Bolsonaro), promoted various xenophobia (anti-CRT/BLM, anti-immigration, anti-abortion, Muslim travel ban, anti-trans, etc.). Hyped up things Space Force & USMCA as massive changes when they were more of updates (like releasing a software update or DLC for a game and calling it a sequel). And that’s not even including all of his personal controversies and legal issues.

Under Biden we have had the American Rescue Plan which included funding for the vaccine rollout and opening the economy back up safely. Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act which is the largest investment in our infrastructure since the 1950’s. Safer Communities Act, first federal gun safety law in 30 years, also includes funding for mental health. CHIPs & Science Act, subsidies for semiconductor manufacturing plants to be built in US. PACT Act, expands health coverage for veterans exposed to pure pits and other harm. Inflation Reduction Act, financial incentives for people to go green such as tax credits for electric vehicles, solar panels, home weatherization improvements, also includes improvements to healthcare like increased ACA subsidies and out of pocket cap on drugs for Medicare recipients. Forgiven student debt for over 3.7 million people (broader forgiveness was struck down by Supreme Court). Stood up for unions and helped rail workers and auto workers get better deals. Stood up to Russia and assist Ukraine in protecting their right to sovereignty while also strengthening NATO. Currently negotiating a bill that would increase the Child Tax Credit for low & middle income families along with a bill that would help fix issues along the border. Maintained an unemployment rate under 4% for 2 years, the longest since the 1960s.

There are definitely legitimate reasons to criticize Biden but painting him as sleazy, slime ball with mental issues is just dumb.

He is a sleazy career politician, no other way to put it. And now he’s showing more and more signs of cognitive decline. Later this year when both of these senior citizens are fatigued by months of campaigning, holy shit just imagine the clips we are going to see.

Biden is better than Trump in just about every way imaginable, but they are both too old and too corrupt to be any good. Biden is also way too nice to the MAGA politicians.