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Pemalite said:

The table looks very trump-biased, I assume that was intentional?

Hiku said:
Pemalite said:

The table looks very trump-biased, I assume that was intentional?

The lack of info on the Biden side makes it seem so. As does he wording in some of the comparisons, like in this example.

The very vague descriptions primarily on the Trump side as well.
Here are a few examples:

- Restore Medical Freedom (How?)
- Help people stop dying from war (How?)

- Defend America against all threats (?)
- Protect America against all dangers (Repeated, but worded slightly different)
- Remove radical left ideology out of the military (There's no "Remove radical right ideology (white suppremacists, etc) from the military" written on the opposite side.)

NobleTeam360 said:

Lol, I find your listed comparisons to be very biased in favor of Trump. And some of these things you've listed under Trump he has done the opposite or stated he'd do the opposite in his last presidency.

Did you even check the sources? Please tell me where I can find more Biden-related running platform values.

The information on these tables are almost direct quotes from the sources.

Y’all sound so immature thinking more on Trump’s end means I am biased. I’m stating what has been written as their platforms, or what their 2024 platform is for and against.

I forgive y’all for your foolishness.

Now this is just to anyone that clicks this thread.
What would happen if a platform value became implemented?

For example: What would happen, if everyone was given 2 free years of community college? 
Another example: What would be the consequences, if there was a merit-based immigration system that protects American labor and promotes American values? 
Final in this specific post: What would be the result as a whole for America, if transgender women are restricted from competing in women’s sports?.

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