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zorg1000 said:

So Trump and Biden are the same on healthcare because Trump tried to strip away healthcare but failed while Biden has attempted to expand healthcare and failed? Weird logic.

Weird logic aside, that’s not even true about Biden. While he hasn’t gotten everything he wants passed on healthcare, he has gotten some notable wins.

Between the Safer Communities Act, Honoring our Pact Act & Inflation Reduction Act, we have gotten expanded access, education & training in regards to mental health care, expanded access to healthcare for veterans exposed to toxic substances during military service, increased ACA marketplace subsidies to low and medium income households, set an out of pocket cap on medications for Medicare recipients and allow Medicare to negotiate the price of medication with drug manufacturers to bring down costs.

This “both sides are the same” argument is so stupid because we have seen Trump repeatedly call for the repeal of the ACA, which would kick millions of people off their health insurance while we have seen Biden sign bills into law that expand access to healthcare for people with mental heath disorders, veterans, the elderly and low/medium income households.

(i) Weird logic? It’s really not all that weird lmao. I’m just calling out the game the play like it is: They endorse bills they know will never pass just so that they can say “Oh we really tried our best.” The bills were never intended to pass, and even if they do, it will have been after a long period of dialing every little bit of progress to nothing.

(ii) Safer Communities Act is a joke. Bill was stalled in Congress for the sake of being “bipartisan”. $13bil is not sufficient, nor should this be considered a victory by any metric. For context, the US sent $14.3bil to Israel during December alone. PACT Act seems like it did some good, I will concede. I have no idea how Biden factors into this bill becoming enforced, it was unanimously supported, and was introduced via House Representation Mark Takano…but okay I guess. Inflation Reduction Act was a disappointment to put it kindly. Started off with lots of promise, but eventually would have essentially all its good stripped out by the time Manchin came in and forced the bill to drop pretty much all of its benefits. Nice incremental step, again, but nothing more. (It’s a common trend here, I hope you have noticed. Politicians will play the game of “doing something” and act likes they’ve actually accomplished a good deed for society.) Also, again, all that other stuff you have listed is entirely incremental, and looking at data contradicts the illusion of progress in lowering prices. Indeed, most of what you have listed were passed in the afforementioned bills: Why mention them again? Just to “fluffen-up” the “victories” of Biden? Again, I understand cognitive dissonance is a difficult thing to grapple with. It’s okay to change your views. :)

(iii) Seems that last paragraph is just a summary of the prior: okay, I’m not convinced. I’ve had hawk-eyes on this almost ration for the past three years, and there has yet to been a single victory come out of it. Utterly shameful.