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firebush03 said:
Hiku said:

Not for a lack of trying though.
The GOP wanted to strip away a huge portion of that healthcare (flawed as it is), without any concrete plan of how it would supposedly be replaced. They just failed to pass it by I believe 1 vote.

I love that line. "Well at least he tried. :/" Yeah well Biden technically did try to enforce gun reform, address emissions, enforce a more progressive taxation system, raise the minimum wage, etc etc....but none of it happened. Gee it sure is a coincidence that politicians simply will say something, endorse a bill knowing well it will never pass, and then act outraged when it doesn't go through. If Trump were a good president, he would've gotten the bill through. It's not a matter of if he tried to get it through, he should've gotten it through.

You missunderstood what I was trying to say.
"He tried" to take away healthcare from people. It's not a compliment. He tried to do something neferious, and nearly succeeded.

The reason they are more or less in the same situation for healthcare is because GOP were unsuccessful at stripping away a large portion of it (ACA), effectively removing insurance from 32+ million people, while they had controll of the Senate. 

That said, the DNC's healthcare policies end up being more like GOP Light, and not close to the "radical left socialism" the GOP tends to accuse them of.
Every developed nation on earth has socialized healthcare, except USA, who remain heavily for-profit focused.

Some within the DNC such as Bernie Sanders want to move USA to where the rest of the developed world is. This is primarily pushed by the portion of the DNC who have pledged to not accept corporate donations (bribes), and instead rely on small donations from many individual voters.
But when so many elected officials accept large donations (bribes) from big pharmaceutical companies every year, they're not going to pass votes that go against those companies interests.

But they still put up the pretence that they care, so they have to throw the people a bone here and there eventually. The recent reduction of insulin cost for example.

The GOP on the other hand are focused on rolling back as many of these 'steps forward' as possible, and supposedly replace it with something that they have yet to lay out a plan for. (Even though they've had over a decade to figure out how to replace it.) Remove first. 'Figure it out' later. (A.k.a., they're not really going to replace it with anything worthwhile. They're doing it for their corporate donors.)

Last edited by Hiku - on 28 January 2024