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sundin13 said:
firebush03 said:

firstly: “I’ve always hated the ‘both sides are bad’ argument, because elections have very real consequences.” Who’s to say you can’t despise both sides without casting your ballot? Yes, the abortion point is a great example as to why people *who care about the rights of women to have access to abortion* should go out and vote…however, my entire vote isn’t based on a single issue. That is, I will refuse to show my support to the Democratic Party until they nominate a candidate who promises change: The consequence of submitting to the elite and voting for whoever puppet they set up is status quo. I am not satisfied with status quo, as all it leads to is opposition parties who stand fundamentally against what I believe in emerging, taking power, and knocking us back even further. Biden has only be problems when it comes to addressing carbon emissions, despite standing on a platform of supporting otherwise: He therefore becomes a bad representation for my case in ideal governing, for he fails to enforce what he promises. Biden has only been problems when it comes to addressing forever wars: He blindly submit to *anything* the governmental bodies surrounding military request (he’s too old for this, he does not care even slightly about what’s going on around the world). Biden had done next to nothing to enforce legislation which would overturn state-level legislation on abortion: The Supreme Court is not a binding body, and the power of the executive far exceeds that of which the Judicial holds (case-and-point: Trail of Tears).

secondly: “MAGA government is fundamentally different from a Democratic government.” Care to elaborate? What policies would be changed beside social issues? I care for our oppressed, but that’s not everything.

So, you are willing to trade women's rights for the theoretical prospect of future change which may somehow come if you don't vote? Because that is basically what the "they are both bad so I'm not voting" argument amounts to: The negative consequences of a MAGA government are a price you are willing to pay in order for the assumed increased chance of future positive change. 

In regards to some of your other points:
-Biden passed the largest green energy bill in this country's history
-I agree that Biden has a lackluster foreign policy track record but leaving Afghanistan is not nothing, and I support continued investment in Ukraine. There is little evidence that Trump would be an improvement in this category.
-What exactly would you like to see Biden do in regards to state-level legislation on abortion, beyond what he has done (which, again, there have been actions taken in regards to the necessity for hospitals to provide life saving abortions, actions which have expanded access to medication abortion, expanded access to abortion travel for federal employees and the appointment of pro-Roe supreme court justices, which is not nothing)

Finally, what would be different under a MAGA government:
-LGBTQ rights
-Women's rights
-The continued existence of our democracy

How much are you looking for?

-Women's rights

Nothing wrong with supporting women's rights, but I also support the rights of unborn babies.

If a women is assaulted that's horrible. If a pregnant women is assaulted it's even more horrible. Everyone gets that, because deep down we understand that not just one individual is assaulted, but two. Any judge would judge harder on the person assaulting a pregnant women for this very reason.

I am in favor that in some situations an abortion should be allowed, but I am not comfortable in the wording as 'women's rights'. This wording would imply that in any situation abortion should be allowed, dismissing any rights of the unborn baby entirely.