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One Piece Odyssey

One Piece Odyssey is the first JRPG I completed this year. It is probably only enjoyable if you have kept up with the anime. The core game is good though and some of the music was brilliant. It does have a lot of minor flaws so I can see why it wasn't rated very highly by reviewers. The characters are pretty well balanced like their anime counterparts, this means you don't have much reason to switch off from your main core. The different areas were balanced like modern JRPGs, ie: a ton of dev time in the early game but then later areas can feel extremely lacking in comparison. I didn't have enough time to go for the platinum, and some of the side quests are tedious, but it looks like an easy platinum. The game is of course on the easier side, as more of a kids game, and that is fine. Overall a solid addition to the One Piece Universe I would say.