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Farsala said:

Yes, I have explained this many times in the past. It is still difficult to get a solid number. But the gist is, if PS2 didn't sell 160m, then the PS3 did sell closer to 90m than we thought.

Machina said:

Did not expect Another Code at number 1 that's for sure, though Spain has consistently showed a willingness to purchase indie and AA games physically (even years after they're available digitally), so this certainly fits that pattern.

That's a very strong result for PS5 - it's still up YoY even in the week when PS5 started taking off last year. Next week it'll need to stay at exactly this level to beat 2023 again though.

Switch and XS are both down YoY, but not massively.


@polofresco your pie chart this week doesn't include XS figures.

Fixed, thanks!