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2024 Elections are coming up!


I am interested in the political running platform that each have. So I decided to do some research and wanted to share my findings.
If I missed any please let me know and I will update, it was really difficult to find the issues from both people.
I put any similar portions in bold and any direct opposites are underlined.

I hope this can be a space to talk and discuss about the policies and what are the consequences of each action if they were to happen.

Personal Economy Biden Trump
Fund Social Services Lower Taxes
Enable student loan relief Bigger Paychecks
Reduce gas pump prices Reduce the price of gasoline, diesel and natural gas
Unleash the production of domestic energy resources
More jobs for American workers

Healthcare Biden Trump
Resuscitate child tax credit to $3,000 for children over six, and $3,600 for children under six Restore Medical Freedom
Enforce Build Back Better & Inflation Reduction Act End surprise medical billing
Limit the price of childcare to 7% of most families' income Increase fairness through price transparency
Medicare recipients will pay $35 for insulin Reduce price of prescription drugs and health insurance premiums
Protect and defend the Affordable Care Act Protect Medicare, Social Security and patients with pre-existing conditions
Access to gender-affirming care Enable the US to no longer rely on China for essential medical goods

National              Self-Sufficiency Biden Trump
Reverse offshoring manufacturing Implement a 4-year National Reshoring Plan (No longer rely on China for national security goods and more)
Ban Chinese ownership of all critical infrastructure in the US
Never again be at the mercy of a foreign supplier of energy

National Economy Biden Trump

Implement a Billionaire Minimum Income Tax (1/100 of the top 1% of Americans will play a minimum 20% tax rate)

Bring back our supply chain
Reduce the deficit Eliminate the Green New Deal
Enforce Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act Build America into the manufacturing superpower of the world
Enforce Chips and Science Act
Increase public-private partnerships through the World Bank and IMF

Foreign Policy Biden Trump
Defend the NATO alliance Promote energy security for our friends around the world
Restore our standing in the world and American leadership abroad

Immigration Biden Trump
Increase funding and resources for border patrol and enforcement Shut down the Biden border disaster
Provide a path for people in the US to apply for legal status and citizenship Deliver a merit-based immigration system that protects American labor and promotes American values
Create a smoother and expanded visa process for foreign graduates of American universities Restore Remain in Mexico
Eliminate asylum fraud
Re-end catch-and-release

Crime Biden Trump
Restore Roe v Wade Deputize the National Guard and local law enforcement to assist with rapidly removing illegal alien gang members and criminals
Enact universal background checks Revitalize police departments and reclaim safety, dignity and peace for law-abiding citizens
Opposes "Defund the Police" Funding to hire and retain police officers
Provide additional mental and social services funding Strengthen qualified immunity and other protections for police officers
Promote community policing and violence intervention efforts Surge federal prosecutors and the National Guard into high-crime communities
Put violent offenders and career criminals behind bars
Increase penalties for assaults on law enforcement
Ban members of Congress with insider information from trading stocks
Lifetime ban on lobbying by former member of Congress and cabinet members
Conduct a top-to-bottom overhaul of federal bureaucracies and Congress to clean out corruption

US Politicians Biden Trump
Add a Constitutional amendment to impose term limits on members of Congress

Drugs & Traffickers Biden Trump
Take down the drug cartels
Impose a total navel embargo on cartels
Order the Department of Defense to inflict maximum damage on cartel leadership and operations
Designate cartels as foreign terrorist organizations
Choke off cartel access to the global financial system
Get full cooperation of neighboring governments to dismantle the cartels
Expose every bribe and kickback that allows these criminal networks to preserve their reign
Ask Congress to ensure that drug smugglers and traffickers can receive the Death penalty
Drug kingpins and traffickers will never sleep soundly again

Military & War Biden Trump
Support Ukraine Help people stop dying from war
Support Israel Defend America against all threats
Protect America against all dangers
Keep America out of unnecessary foreign wars
Remove radical left ideology out of the military
Rehire every patriot who was unjustly fired
Protect our people from the threat of nuclear weapons and hypersonic missiles
Build a state-of-the-art-next-generation missile defense shield
Fight to serve our veterans with better care and benefits than ever before

Education Biden Trump
Triple Title I funding Cut federal funding to any school or program pushing Critical Race Theory or gender ideology
Offer universal preschool Open civil rights investigations into any school district that has engaged in race-based discrimination
Offer two years of free community college tuition Veto the effort to weaponize civics education
Restrict transgender women in competitive women sports Keep men out of women's sports
Appoint an anti-book ban coordinator Create a credentialing body to certify teachers who embrace patriotic values
Enable protections for transgender students Reward states and school districts that abolish teacher tenure for grades K-12, adopt Merit Pay, cut the number of school administration, adopt a Parental Bill of Rights, and implement the direct election of school principles by the parents

Constitutional Rights Biden Trump
Increasing scrutiny of sales in gun shows and other unlicensed venues Nominate highly qualified prosecutors, judges, and justices who believe in enforcing the law, not their own political agenda
Implement a ban on assault weapons Defend the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms
Protect the LGBT community Uphold religious liberty, including the Constitutional right to pray in public schools
Protection and Preservation of American Democracy Firing any federal bureaucrat who has engaged in censoring the lawful speech of American citizens, banning taxpayer funds from being used to categorize lawful speech for purposes of illicit censorship, banning federal agencies from censoring speech, stopping federal funding for all non-profits and academic programs engaged in censorship, passing a digital bill of rights, and enacting landmark legislation to drastically limit the ability of big social media platforms to restrict free speech
Restore Free Speech
Reform election laws to verify the identity and eligibility of all voters
Pass a bold range of critical election integrity measures, including the banning of unsecure drop boxes and ballot harvesting
State and local officials cannot be permitted to make illegal and unconstitutional changes to election procedures without the required approval by a state legislature
Ban private money from pouring into local election offices

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