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rapsuperstar31 said:

What does having individuals that share the jewish faith in government have to do with anything?  I'm a USA citizen that is part Irish part German, if someone went to war in Ireland tomorrow I wouldn't have any kind of emotional attachment to Ireland.  I would view what is going on in the war, and come to my on conclusions given the facts.  Anthony Blinken was born in New York, he is an American, Janet Yellen was born in New York she is an American.

When your people have been displaced for centuries and massacred and you finally get a homeland, you kind of feel a connection to it and your own people.

Plus culturally they are raised to care for other Jews and be community focused. If one is having bad times in the community, the community help them out. Once they are out of trouble they are expected to give back and help others when they need help. 

The west as good as our live are, we have become every individualistic oriented, which isn't a good thing in my eyes as we learn not to give a shit about others.