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Mar1217 said:

Gosh that lack of diversity for most of them ...

Of course, EA Sports FC is there because football, Fortnite is the most popular F2P game in the west and COD with Warzone is prolly the most played shooter currently.

It just makes me curious what we'd see on a list like this for Nintendo Switch .... Probably Fortnite near the top too with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Zelda TOTK I believe

It's always going to be the biggest multiplayer titles that top the list. People will play hundreds of hours of a games like FIFA, CoD, GTA and Fortnite online. A SP game is never going to make the list as players would have to play through the title multiple times in the same year to get hours like that.

5 million people playing 1 hour a day of a multiplayer title would be more hours than 80 million people playing through Spiderman 2 once.

Maybe ToTK makes it on Switch but only if games like Apex, Overwatch and Rocket League are unpopular on Switch compared to other platforms. SP games are at an unbelievably large disadvantage. Minecraft might have a shot on Switch.

Last edited by Zippy6 - on 31 December 2023