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Senator Armstrong. Sorry just as they come to me will post them. Too tired think of everything so off the cuff post.. Armstrong is tough but oh-so fun. NANO MACHINES SON!
If I climb in the Nintendo bubble. All of the Xenoblade series final bosses are amazing. They are so worth it. Can put FFVI and FFVII in here with Kefka and Sephiroth. Lavos in Chrono Trigger. Dural in the Virtua Fighter series. Dark Fact in Ys 1. Ryuji in Yakuza 2. Nex Machina in Nex Machina. Stone-Like in Radiant Silvergun. REZ has a great final boss. The final boss in DoDonpachi is just a big bee and I love it. Final Boss in Scarlet Nexus is fun and unique. Sin N Punishment Star Successor. Any Contra on SNES or Genesis and NES except Super C. Back in the Nintendo Bubble..sorta. The Wonderful 101. Oh and yes Virgil as I said before. Devil May Cry. DMC. None of that DmC fucking trash.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!