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BraLoD said:

I don't understand why Streets of Rage is there, it was already revived recently with 4 and it's pretty good.

But the real questions is: where is Opa-Opa?

Give the people more Fantasy Zone, Sega.

Because outside of licensing out the IP, SEGA had no involvement with SOR4, Panzer Dragoon, Wonder Boy ext. I am 100% certain that SEGA was taken by surprise by how their outsourced classic IP/spiritual successors were doing. Now they have recognized the value of their IP so they want to bring everything back under their umbrella after everybody else did the hard work of reviving them.

I'm exciting for all of them. I'm most concerned with Streets of Rage Revolution. It's in the hands of a unknown developer that only has 1 game to their name. You would think after SOR4 selling almost 3 mill that SORR would have the biggest budget, but it looks the roughest currently. Apparently, KOMI games went through over 12 pitches for a 3D Streets of Rage before it was green light. That should mean something, but SEGA. They are also using Spikeout and Dynamite Cop as reference and I love those games. 

That's my copium