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Leynos said:

Willing to bet RGG is making SOR.

JSR excited but scared it will be Gaas. Also not sold on the art style. Looks like basic Unreal assets with a cel shader. Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is the sequel to JSRF I have wanted fort 20 years so JSR reboot will have a lot to live up to.

I know they're making a 3D Golden Axe but for years I have been saying I want a new Golden Axe developed by Vanillaware (Dragon's Crown). Why not Lizardcube did SOR4 a 2D art game and now the new SOR is 3D.

Shinobi is most def Lizardcube. They even posted art from it. It's their artstyle.

We need a remake of Panzer Dragoon 2 and SAGA. A remake of Skies of Arcadia.

Dude, no way is Yakuza studio making SOR. I would do a backflip. They are on JSR though; Smilebit was merged with Nagoshi's team back in the day and they became RGG.