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Virtua Fighter

• It is online and esports focused and has online and offline modes including customization modes.

• There are new characters with a modern art style and character artist.

• It is a game concept that changed many times since 2021 up to now.

• Streaming and spectating implementation is an important part of this title and Super Game concept.

• It is a reboot of the Virtua Fighter series in development by current Virtua Fighter staff.

• It is a title releasing on all major platforms with crossplay and rollback.

• And there is all new main story and side stories with brand new characters.

This is a Virtua Fighter title that is developed to be a modern competitor to Street Fighter and Tekken with esports concepts and mechanics that are similar to current Street Fighter and other fighting games. It is a concept that evolved a lot.

Last edited by Xxain - on 05 March 2024