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Soundwave said:

I kind of feel like it's partly a way to get a bit outside of the Call of Duty contract requirements.

If they have more powerful hardware they can justify Call of Duty on "Next Box" having the best graphics and just say "well it's not our problem that Sony is still in the PS5 generation, we're fulfilling our contractual obligations, but if you want the best version of the game, buy our new XBox".  They could have a window of 1-2 years where they can claim that and try to entice COD players to jump ship. 

Even if Xbox did have a slightly better version of Call of Duty performance wise, I don't think they would openly say anything about it.  They will probably just make sure that each platform has the best experience it can possibly have.  And I imagine after 10 years, nothing will change and CoD will continue to remain multi-platform. Now CoD spin-offs may be a different story, but I don't know, the Minecraft spin-offs have released across platforms. 

Youtube channels like Digital Foundry will point out the performance differences in CoD, but I don't see any reason for Xbox to leverage Cod when there will be plenty of Xbox exclusives to attract gamers into their ecosystem. avoid getting banned for inactivity, I may have to resort to comments that are of a lower overall quality and or beneath my moral standards.