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Zippy6 said:
rapsuperstar31 said:

The Dreamcast was at least a huge leap over the PS1/N64/Saturn, I don't expect a huge leap over the Xbox Series/Playstation 5 on the next console.

I mean there's plenty of people who complain that the PS5/XSX isn't a "huge leap" over the PS4/XBO. People need to look beyond a pretty screenshot mentality otherwise it doesn't matter whether the next Xbox comes in 2026, 2028 or 2030 it won't be a "huge leap" for them.

There needs to be a reason to upgrade the system, especially in the first few years where games are going to be supported by both consoles.  SSD to me was enough reason to justify the upgrade this console generation, there needs to be a reason to be an early adopter.