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Phenomajp13 said:
XtremeBG said:

So you are some old users who just is posting from new account or has been banned before maybe ?

I am pulling ranges between 159 and 161 because that has been calculated and approved by many people on the web and even here. Another reason is that if Switch lands in this range it will again outsold PS2 without a debate (160 and 161M namely) That is why this range stays. I also think PS2 is at 159M. And I am not moving anything. I am not shooting Switch, I am telling my opinions and projections which almost every time are coming true. When Switch was at it's peak period I said 25M for 2021. Is that shooting ? Is that bad projection ? No. It even was highball since it did 24M that year. About my prediction for Japan earlier this year I said somewhere around 3.5M not 2.6M. I don't know where are you getting your infos.. And I said 3.5M because it's normal to be in decline and most of the people here even the Switch fans, also predicted decline in sales with similar projections. You can't blame me. As it turns out Switch did have stronger than normal year in Japan, therefore I slightly adjusted my prediction. What wrong there is about that ? Hundreds of people are making wrong predictions all the time for all the consoles, with being off the target by much much more than I was here. And in the end I was still in a close range to the real result. Also there is no Switch hate for me. As I already told, When it's selling well I make high predictions for it. When I think it is on decline, then of course I will make lower predictions. I even have written that I like the system and have plans to buy one back in 2021. And guess what? I did get one. So there is no reason for me to hate on Switch. Everything positively or negatively you see I am saying is my opinions and predictions of what I think will happen. Not that I will always like what will happen. There is a difference.

Nothing wrong with making predictions, except your word can't be trusted. Either you can't remember what you say or you flatout lie. I quoted the post I was talking about in that Famitsu thread. You literally said in April 2023, Switch would be closer to DS 2.8 million than 3DS 3.3 million. Then told Curl you made that prediction of 3.5 million before the year even started (2023). That's a lie, you literally restated your prediction in April 2023 and arguably even lowered your prediction. Nothing wrong with making incorrect predictions but then you turnaround and lie. Or maybe you aren't lying and just forgot? Either way, its suspicious behavior. You undershot Switch, there is no denying that. You have several other post showing your true colors but ill leave it at this. I am a poster that lost my login credentials by the way. Why does it matter? Especially when I back up what I say.

This whole thing seems odd. Your posts do read as a previous user.  Then you avoided any questions about that making it even more suspicious. Plus multiple people seem to be having problems with you in this thread.

I'm going to go ahead and thread ban you from this specific thread while there is a discussion of who you are, or aren't.

You are bound to love Earthbound.