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XtremeBG said:
Phenomajp13 said:

Nothing wrong with making predictions, except your word can't be trusted. Either you can't remember what you say or you flatout lie. I quoted the post I was talking about. You literally said in April 2023, Switch would be closer to DS 2.8 million than 3DS 3.3 million. Then told Curl you made that prediction of 3.5 million before the year even started. That's a lie, you literally reiterated your prediction in April 2023 and arguably even lowered your prediction. Nothing wrong with making incorrect predictions but then you turnaround and lie. Or maybe you aren't lying and just forgot? Either way, its suspicious behavior. You undershot Switch, there is no denying that. You have several other post showing your true colors but ill leave it at this. I am a poster that lost my login credentials by the way. Why does it matter? Especially when I back up what I say.

So you are trusting predictions by random people on the web ? And you expect everyone's prediction to be trusted ? You are waiting for predictions from people so that you can trust them ? Laughable. No comment.

I already answered you about the quote that I was just answering why I have made the comparison I made earlier in the year. When My prediction changed to 4M I changed it to the DS'4.2M year as you can see. And if you think it's a lie then why you don't find out my post from last year than eh ? Why are you finding only what you want and quote but you can't find what I've written last year ? Also if you are following me than you will see that I have written much more times I expect Switch to sell 4M or earlier in the year 3.5M than I have written under 3M ever. You are just hanging onto some words or sentences and you ignore every other post I have made. Also what colors ? what suspicous behavior ? Everyone can talks whatever he wants. And you can't stop or change anything. The site is not for showing true colors or lie it's for expressing your opinions, and that is what people do including me. And I can write or do whatever I want to and you can't tell me anything or make me do or say anything. My true colors are my identity. Just like there are many fans highballing the Switch, just like there are many fans doing the same with other consoles, just like there are realist and pesimists. Everyone can be whatever he wants to and no one can judge him. I will write whatever I want, and will predict whatever I want, and will change it whenever I want. And you won't and can't tell me. And I don't care about what you think. If you want think that I am the baddest person on earth. I will still continue do everything the way I think it's right.

No im not trusting your prediction, obviously I was calling out the lies. That should be appreciated by the other posters. Why do you think criminals are public information? It's for the rest of society to know what type of person they are. Im showing the rest of the site, your word can't be trusted. My friend, in other words, I am calling you a dishonest person or liar. This isn't what I think of you, this is what I backed up with your post.