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DonFerrari said:
Phenomajp13 said:

Again, why don't you actually look at Zhuge's source? Zhuge assumes the PS2 had not declined because it wasn't mentioned but that's not what Sony said at all. Sony said the PS3, Vita, and PSP are the "significant' reasons for the decline. That does not mean the PS2 (a 12 year old console) wasn't also in decline, it just wasn't a "significant" reason for Playstations decline that year. The 159 million is bogus, as for the thread yeah that looks great. Needs updating because we got a PSP figure that was higher than people expected. The Vita is claimed by many on this site to have outsold WiiU, it it did then that puts the PS2 possibly under 158.

If they listed 3 systems (including PSP that was also ending life and PSVita that was very low on sales) as signifcant reason for the decline, PS2 (which was still being sold) not being listed is because whatever decline in sales compared to previous year is because whatever change wasn't significantly down (so most likely flat). You wanting to exclude it and go to 155.1 without anything for the extra year of production is laughable.

Lol, what? This is really not that hard. They listed the 3 systems that would contribute "significantly" to the business decline. PSP was in its 6th or 7th fiscal year and just being replaced (Vita) and PS3 was also at the end of it's life about to be replaced. Dude it's 2013, PS4 is coming later that year and Vita just released the year prior. PS2 was never going to be a significant reason for the business decline, it was 5 years older than any other platform lol. You need to actually read the quote, Sony doesn't say those platforms were significantly down, they said those platforms are the sigificant reasons for why Sony's business has declined. They are literally in their transition period and Vita just flopped, PS2 was never going to be a siginificant reason but that doesn't mean it also declined. If anything, that quote sounds like it did just like all the other hardware but wasn't "siginificant" in the overall business decline. Read the quote, Zhuge isn't a native english speaker, its clear he misinterpreted that quote. What's laughable is you actually believe a 12 year old console was flat in a year missing an entire quarter? I never said exclude it, we don't have the official data. It's 155.1 million as of 2012, which is what Sony says. It's quite interesting how console warriors all of a sudden want to just ignore the platform holder (Sony), so they can push their agenda. Please tell me why we should just ignore Sony continueing to quote the same figure as of 2018? Years after the PS2's death! 

Last edited by Phenomajp13 - on 19 December 2023