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Zippy6 said:
XtremeBG said:

I won't get into explanations. But get this, many people here and on the web already explained how they get to the 159 to 161M number. Also outside of this here on VGChartz the PS2 is at almost 159M. So you are calling VGChartz data wrong if you disagree. Also for the Switch to be called the best selling console by all people it has to undisputedly beat the PS2 number, and since there is big unclarity over the PS2 numbers, 160M will be "safe zone" where everyone can agree it is outsold the PS2.

Yes, one of my first threads on this site was about the PS2 having to have sold more than 158m: PS2 shipments over 158.6m, breaking down missing fiscal data. (

One method I came to a minimum of 158.6m, a second method came to a minimum of 158.3m.

ZhugeEx claimed a minimum of 159.2m

That the PS2 sold notably more than 155.1m is accepted by basically everyone with knowledge of console sales. It would be nice if one day we would get a final figure just as we did by surprise with the PSP this year thanks to Shawn Layden.

As for the Poll I am currently expecting the Switch to hit around 155m.

Hadn't seem this PSP before, great.

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