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Phenomajp13 said:
XtremeBG said:

PS2 is calculated to be somewhere between 159M and 161M. Since there is not official announcement we can go with the lower number. (Since the 155M were officially announced in march 2012, they sold PS2 till january 2013). Therefore the Switch (133M) needs to sell at least 27M more to safely say that it beat the PS2 sales. And even with perfectly align stars next year, the Switch will need a tad bit more than that. Let's first focus on the DS.. as this will be difficult too, given the decline Switch is just having this holiday season (which is a sign for the next year that weekly/monthly sales are dropping too). For both of those things to happen they will have to launch the Switch Pro next year (which will prolong it's life and will somewhat soften the decline), cutting the price of the three models we have now by 100$ and delaying the successor till at least 2025 holidays.

Stop making things up, the PS2 has officially sold 155.1 million as of March 2012. Anything above that is pure speculation. It is not between 159 million and 161 million, that is completely made up. Is it above 155.1 million, yes because the PS2 was discontinued January 2013. Zhuge seems to be a trusted source for these figures but his evaluation was incorrect. has a thread about the mistake they made but in summary Zhuge assumed the PS2 may have not been down the fiscal year April 2012 to March 2013 because Sony didn't mention the PS2 as a "significant" reason for why Sony hardware had declined that fiscal year. Zhuge speaks english but I believe it is their second language. This is important because it begs the question of why someone would expect Sony to name a 12 year old console's decline as a "significant" reason instead of the declining PS3, or a declining Vita, or a dead PSP? All of those platforms would obviously be more "significant" reasons for Sony's declining business instead of a 12 year old PS2. Fiscal year ending March 2012, the PS2 had sold 4.1 million. So Zhuge entertained the idea that it could have been flat or even up (because Sony didn't mention it as down) allowing the range to be possibly between 159 and 161 million but that is incorrect because Sony never commented at all. Now heres the fun part of how bad Zhuge's analysis was truly, you realize if the PS2 was discontinued by December 2012/early January 2013 then that means the PS2's final year was missing an entire quarter (January 2013 - March 2013)? How in the world can you explain the PS2 selling 4.1 million in its 12th year (April 2011 to March 2012) with a full 4 quarters but then matching that or even exceeding that in its 13th year (April 2012 to December 2012/early Jan 2013) missing an entire quarter? We simply don't have enough evidence to pinpoint PS2, what we know is the PS2 exceeded 155.1 million as of March 2012. Whatever it did above that is unknown.

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