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Shtinamin_ said:

Are gamers just not as outgoing as comic enthusiasts?
Because E3 died, but Comic-Con is still rather strong.
Comic-Con has booths of many authors, writers, artists, actors, etc.
Comic-Con has competitive cosplay competitions, and also just wonderful and creative people who love cosplay.

E3 never had as much stuff going on as Comic-Con.
How come E3 didn't adopt the Comic-Con vibe back in the Wii era? Was E3 just too early to make that be a normal thing?

E3 would've been rather cool and fun if it had more stuff like Comic-Con.

E3 wasn't a fan convention. It was a press event.  It was only in the streaming era it became more focused on the entertainment aspect and they tried in 2016 with a bunch of celebs and opening to fans. Wasn't received well. E3's real purpose was to product pitch and update the press with sales numbers. It also cost developers and publishers a lot of money to set up booths.  It's not as simple as showing up to talk to a room full of fans. Developers have to crunch to get playable builds of games for a show floor. Hundreds if not thousands of meetings are scheduled in conference rooms and hotel rooms with the press. There are so many costly factors a fan convention like Comic Con doesn't have to worry about. Letting fans in the door in 2017 and on is one of the factors leading to E3's demise aside from publishers and devs starting with Nintendo realized it's cheaper and better to just put out a 40-minute produced video rather than renting out an entire theatre. Floor space. Hotels. Catering. Scheduling interviews. Other costs.

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