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Dulfite said:
Pemalite said:

Completely different tech.

CPU is 3 core PowerPC vs 4 core Arm.
GPU is AMD Radeon VLIW vs nVidia Geforce Maxwell.
Ram is 2GB DDR3 vs 4GB DDR4.
Tablet vs Joycons.

Casuals, and most normal gamers (not Digital Foundry nerds) wouldn't be able to tell much of a difference between Ps3, Wii U, and Switch versions of the same game. Marginal differences. The Switch 2, if it can run DLSS 2+, is going to absolutely annihilate the Switch 1, Wii U, and PS3, and I'm delighted about that.

Multiplatform ports tend to retain a degree of base-parity in what graphical effects and hardware feature sets that are leveraged... Regardless of platform.
I.E. There are multiplats on Xbox 360/Playstation 3 that ended up on Xbox One and Playstation 4; which outside of resolution/framerate bumps are identical.

Some of the more visually impressive Switch titles just wouldn't translate very well to the Playstation 3 as it has a far more modern feature set.
I.E. Tessellation, Shader Model 4/5/6 support, Vertex Shader 4/5, Geometry Shaders, VXGI, Partially Resident Textures and more.

And when leveraged right we can get some very impressive looking titles.

But you are right that most muggles wouldn't notice a difference between say... Mario Kart 8 or Breath of the Wild on WiiU compared to the Switch, because there isn't any outside of resolution.

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