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What if Switch 1 just stream Switch 2 games?

I mean. With the release of a new game console, there is a dilemma: Crossgen or fully focus on the new console? 

- You want to either keep supporting the users of the old console with new content (because statistically, most will move to the new console only after the third year or later). Also, Switch 2 will likely to be expensive, many will not upgrade as early. Also, a game developer would want to have the biggest installed base as possible for your game.

-Also, you want to offer games that could only be possible in the next console, you offer value to buy a new console. If the new games are crossgen, you would question why have you upgraded.

However, you have limited staff for both. If you offer new content for old console you compromise the potential to fully support the new console.
So, a solution for this dilemma is to support content of the new console in the old by cloud streaming. Maybe just an app on switch 1, where you access and play all your switch 2 games. All in a single place and easy for any developer: just let the game run on switch 2, the infrastructure to stream is provided by Nintendo itself.

Imagine switch 2 having potential to run true next gen games (like GTAVI or alike). You want Nintendo to make games with this capability, not being held back by switch 1 capabilities.
You buy the switch 2 games, play by streaming on switch 1, and when you upgrade to switch 2 all the games are there for you to play locally.
People would still want to upgrade to switch 2, because cloud streaming is not the same experience. People who buy Switch 2 on the launch can already have. 

And would be great for publishers. They could offer the game to potentially 150+ million players already on the Switch 2 launch, and without compromising the game capability.