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Wman1996 said:


-Games will appear on your download list if you use the Xbox 360 marketplace pages or of course buy them directly on the Xbox 360.

-Backward compatible games won't (or are inconsistent) appear on the Xbox 360 download list if you buy them on the newer consoles or newer webpages/apps. It's a shame if this is true, because there are some great deals sometimes. 


When we had Games with Gold XBox 360 games (R.I.P), I always "redeemed" them on the Xbox 360 or Xbox 360 web marketplace and could push the download through next time I boot my console.

Wman1996 said:

I also understand that you can't add redemption codes on the Xbox 360 anymore for digital or physical gift cards. 

Redeeming codes on the Xbox 360 is still possible.

You need to redeem them on the console itself or on the Xbox 360 marketplace, often if you try to redeem them on an Xbox One/Series console you just get an error, they are physically two separate online stores.
Microsoft needed to market the differences better as it is confusing, but with the Xbox 360 going away it is probably irrelevant.

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