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BonfiresDown said:

I wonder if the lack of localization is a reason Xbox has previously done pretty well in Sweden. As unlike many European countries we normally don’t have dubbed movies or games (only subs, and not even that in games) so we have no choice but to learn english.

Same for denmark. However alot of countries in the EU, are very stubborn about takeing in media, in their not native lanague (or atleast with subtitles). So if its english only.... that game isn't being sold to a mother, getting it for a child ect. Theres teen/adults that refuse on principle as well (I'm thinking france/germany, where they are protective of their native tongue ect).

I have zero doubts, if Xbox put in effort with translations, equal too or better than playstation/nintendo, it would show a positive effect on sales over time. This would mean additional voice actors for games, getting real people to translate menu/ui elements, and game texts.