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only777 said:

Microsoft have used automation/AI to handle the games translation and as a result the game is filled with confusing/hilarious errors.  As you go through the thread you'll realize that its not just limited to Germany or just Forza.  Why Microsoft cheap out on translations instead of using human staff is beyond me, but they do.

Its not just limited to ingame text, and subtitles ect.
There are translation errors in menu's and UI on the system, also obviously because of auto-translate/machine translation,
instead of useing people that speak the language to translate it.

Theres been threads about it on resetera, neogaf ect.

exsample (about the threads):


If you want to look at what its like between say 2 first party games, from xbox vs playstation (taken from resetera thread):

Spider-Man 2 text and dub options:
Audio and Text:
English, French, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, German, Portuguese (Portugal), Spanish (Castilian), Polish, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, English (US)

Text Only:
Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Norwegian, Swedish ,Korean, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese

Starfield which is Xbox's biggest release this year.:

Audio and Text:
English, French, German, Spanish (Spain), Japanese

Text only:
Italian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Simplified Chinese

And theres a quality differnce in these translations too, apparently.
Like you can tell, one does the bare minimum, while the other goes the extra mile, for the translations.


Most on resetera just assume, its because xbox doesn't care enough to bother.

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