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It's no secret that the Xbox is crashing fast in Europe, but many people are placing the blame in the wrong places.

One of the big problems that never gets brought up is game localization.  If you don't speak English, you are going to have a bad time with Xbox in a way that you wouldn't with either Sony or Nintendo.

Take this Reddit thread from the Forza community:

Microsoft have used automation/AI to handle the games translation and as a result the game is filled with confusing/hilarious errors.  As you go through the thread you'll realize that its not just limited to Germany or just Forza.  Why Microsoft cheap out on translations instead of using human staff is beyond me, but they do.

Next is the subpar official support throughout Europe. 55% of European countries don't have official Xbox Support - so when good luck getting digital games or services if you live in a country that Microsoft STILL don't support.

Think about that, in 55% of European countries, the Xbox Series S is just a paperweight unless you get gamepass/digital games through changing your IP region.  using VPNs to bypass limits goes against the whole turn on and play idea of what a games console is.

Sony want to make money by selling art, Nintendo want to make money by selling fun, Microsoft want to make money.