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curl-6 said:

Jesus, not to sound like I'm trolling, but Xbox Series being 11% behind the Xbone is just dismal.

And coming in third behind a system in it's 7th year, in Xbox's third year, in it's strongest territory no less... Xbox feels like a dead man walking.

I had higher expectations for it.  For worldwide lifetime sales I had high predictions, but those predictions no longer look reachable.  It's still going to have many big game releases coming up, and how much those will help hardware sales is unknown.  I don't believe it has had it's peak years yet, but what the hell do I know?  The Xbox Series isn't even halfway through the generation yet, so they have plenty of time to alter their hardware goals and build up enthusiasm.  I don't think they have given up on hardware or the brand.  With all the recent acquisitions and employee promotions with strategic repositioning of roles; it appears they are laying down the foundation for a promising future.  

I wouldn't call time of death just yet. avoid getting banned for inactivity, I may have to resort to comments that are of a lower overall quality and or beneath my moral standards.