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CosmicSex said:
trunkswd said:

PS5 was #1 last year by a decent amount.

October 2022 (PS5 and XS figures were leaked, while NS are estimates with it being in 3rd):

  1. PS5: 456,317
  2. XS: 261,106
  3. NS: 255,165

I'm still working on the estimates for October 2023, but they should be roughly around this for the US unless more data comes in:

  1. PS5: ~325K
  2. NS: ~205K
  3. XS: ~200K

You probably already saw this but Mat confirmed that the XSeries is -11% of XBOne when aligned and PS5 is +9% of PS4 when aligned in the US.  This will make is a lot easier to figure out what the US numbers are for October 2022.

Yeah I saw that comment. I did some tweaks to our estimates (mostly to PS4 and X1 as going through historical data from before I took over the estimates we had them both a little too high through October 2016, so I had to shift sales to later in their lifetimes), so we are within rounding for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S compared to the previous generation.

We have PS4 at 14.83M compared to 16.10M for PS5. And have Xbox One at 13.35M and Xbox Series X|S at 11.88M. Before the tweaks we had PS5 up ~8% and XS down ~12%. Now we have PS5 up 8.6% and XS down 11%.

With potential rounding for PS5 (8.5% to 9.4%) we are talking ~16.09M-16.23M and for XS (-10.5% to -11.4%) we are talking ~11.80M-11.94M.

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