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trunkswd said:
UnderwaterFunktown said:

Hardware revenue being down 23 % does not sound good, though I suppose there have been more deals this year. Neither Switch or PS5 had a particularly great October last year so I suspect Xbox is down the most.

PS5 was #1 last year by a decent amount.

October 2022 (PS5 and XS figures were leaked, while NS are estimates with it being in 3rd):

  1. PS5: 456,317
  2. XS: 261,106
  3. NS: 255,165

I'm still working on the estimates for October 2023, but they should be roughly around this for the US unless more data comes in:

  1. PS5: ~325K
  2. NS: ~205K
  3. XS: ~200K

You probably already saw this but Mat confirmed that the XSeries is -11% of XBOne when aligned and PS5 is +9% of PS4 when aligned in the US.  This will make is a lot easier to figure out what the US numbers are for October 2023.

Last edited by CosmicSex - on 16 November 2023